The one-of-a-kind, hanging, love seat nest.


The Spirit Nest Swing is the perfect addition to bring peace & tranquility to your living space.


The Spirit Nest Swing's sturdy design and unique construction offers you a relaxing, functional & exhilarating centerpiece for your home. You will never feel more at home in a nest that's all your own. With a distinctive finely-woven cradle of eucalyptus wood topped with plush pillows, the Spirit Nest Swing will be your first choice for comfort in your home. Photography by Brian Capobianchi.

This human felt safe in her twiggy bramble high above the savanna — I mean, campground.
— Penelope Green, The New York Times
The nest felt as though it sat on the edge of the world, open to the vast ocean and sky with 180-degree views.
— Katrina Woznicki, The Los Angeles Times
nest swing_2016_00003.jpg

A custom-made nest for everyone.